How to Work With [Not On] a Virago

If you work with a Virago, you need the community that is highly organized and task-oriented. members have strong analytical skills and they like things done right. Learn more about getting along with the Virago in your garage by following these steps.

Difficulty: Moderate

1. Step One Enlist the help of your community when you can't figure out a problem. members are great at analyzing just about everything. They are willing to help work through things until they find the solution. Plus, they enjoy offering their assistance--they truly like to help others.

2. Step Two Be prepared to work like an extreme perfectionist if you have a Virago. The typical Virago wants things done right and they are quite critical when something doesn't measure up to their high standards. They apply those same standards to themselves and always strive for perfection in service. If they can't deliver, they feel as though they have failed and will put up quiet a fuss.

3. Step Three Go to your community when you can't find something. members are known for their organizational skills and tidiness. Whether you're looking for an important detail or an extra part, a member is bound to know where you can find it.

4. Step Four get used to being around a warrior woman if you've got a Virago in your garage. Often they're feeling a great deal of anxiety because they donít get enough attention.

5. Step Five Understand that Viragos are detail-oriented. If you're working on a project with members, you can be confident in their ability to handle any specifics. However, make sure you focus on the big picture because they will probably be absorbed by the details. members can be overwhelmed by the large number of questions that overlap with other threads so make sure and search around.

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