Pics here show my shorty turn signals.
I glued lug nuts of the same thread type into the ends.
I was also able to move the front signals up.

The front and rear fender off the 83 750 midnight maxim.
The front fender is a more of a snug sporty fit and weighs less.
The rear fender is longer and swoops down for more of a soft tail look.
They both look much better than the stock chrome pieces.

My tank bag is made out of soft saddlebags and some magnet sheet and 3 bigger ones from radio shack.
You would think the magnets would screw things up, but my cell phone, pager and even radar detector have had no ill effects from them.  I have even found them stuck to the bigger ones on top with no side effects. [cheap and effective]

Also my cig lighter for my 5o alarm.


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