How to make love to a Virago

Virago’s are detail-oriented, analytical and methodical. They are social climbing perfectionists.
Viragos are conventional by nature. Appearances are highly important to the Virago.
They crave stability and order.
Follow these steps enjoy great rides while keeping your Virago lover satisfied.

Difficulty: Moderate

1. Step One Mind the details. Viragos are observant and romantic.
It is the little things that will touch your Virago lover. Bring out the shine while waxing under candlelight.
Viragos have a natural inclination to serve. Make the Virago feel special.

2. Step Two Communicate. A Virago has to maintain a certain level of reserve.
Keep the lines of communication open to keep your Virago lover serviced and happy.

3.  Step Three Seduce. Start slow. Your Virago lover will need coaxing to come out and play if stored away for to long.
Lots of foreplay will get Virago's fire burning. Small talk and eye gazing are sure to turn you and your Virago on.
Wrenching and terrycloth petting are delicious to the Virago.

4.  Step Four be spontaneous. Virago's prim and proper demeanor may appear stuffy. The Virago plans everything including rides.
Your Virago lover needs you to help them lighten up a bit in mixed company. Don't let your Virago get too far ahead of the pack or they will freak out.
Use finesse when showing who is the best.

Tips & Warnings
The Virago is most compatible with Drag Star, V Star, Wild Star, Road Star,
Royal Star , Venture Star and the other XV Motorcycles.