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Basic 'Shed Queen' Resurrection

AVOID TEMPATION! Don't just try &'start & go. There's a reason it's been leaning on the shed for years; This Works 3/4 of the time on $100- 500 bikes follow it you're running good, all season in a day or two.

1.Drain all remaining fuel or maple syrup left in it
2. Pull the spark plugs & shoot WD-40 or Liquid Wrench in the cyls,not a lot but get good coverage, Leave at least overnight. rag the plug holes, Get new plugs
3. Check oil, any oil in there will do(for now) 2 shots/4oz. of STP oil treatment in it. Later; Pick a brand, run it to the next even 2,000 mi. and stick with the same brand
4. Remove petcock(s) from tank assy & drain some more Check Inside of Emptied tank for rust in bright sun or flashlight. check o-ring(s) & rub it with glycerin(best) or armor-all soak overnite & wipe off x.s.
5 Take a squeeze-bottle (I use an old 80W90 differential lube bottle)l of 1/2 gasoline and 1/2 seafoam blow back thru the petcock assy on PRI to clean membrane filter, let dry.
6. If your tank is dry and moderately rust-free shoot liberally with WD and slosh around, leave sit overnight.
7. Take the squeeze bottle and dribble/squeeze the mix into the fuel line and open the carb. drains drain crud into a clear jar ( get an idea of just how bad off they are) Maple syrup may entail overnight soaks.
8. "tink" the carbs with a very light hammer to shake crud loose, you might want a paper clip handy to clear the drain-holes, too. Fill, drain, repeat at least 3 times, even if clear....
9. Check for fuel leaks & sticky floats. Dribbles, etc and address these; Pix & Threads in knowelege base....
10 Check Carb Air inlet filters (big vacuum hoses out top with plastic breather bulgies in them, check for crumblies(there WAS breather foam in there) clean with Dawn dish soap & water, let dry, ..
11. When all of the gas vapor has dissipated!!! Starter you can carefully hit the stud (+thick wire peel off rubber boot on starter motor) with a connected jumper cable (car off), with the plugs out, for now, if good it'll crank & spread the WD around. Whooshing out the plug holes is Good. Listen for bad thunking sounds & work these, if present.
12. Check for High Voltage bluish spark by placing plug on the block & cranking normally. Install plugs (swear by 'em or at 'em pick one) or work fixes.
13 Reassemble tank with fresh gas, leftovers from the previous mix & 1/2 bottle of Seafoam you should fill a pop can in 15-60 seconds if the flow is correct from step Make sure Fuel Vapor has dissapated.
14. Connect Tank & fuel system &

Kick 'er in the butt!

Aside from adjusting Idle stop don't make any carb judgements 'till the 2d tank of fresh gasoline after the seafoam treatment.

Note; try & run the Seafoam out in a week or 2 at that high a concentration It'll get into the rubber..

Good Hunting!!!!

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