XV535 Carb Rebuild 

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The following is a list of the minimum parts I found to be needed if the carbs are properly disassembled and cleaned .

The idle mixture screws MUST come out and be cleaned along with the holes and passages in the carb body, this may require removing the plugs and replacing the tiny O-ring seals on the needles I posted a link where to get them in a previous topic or get the whole set from Yamaha .

(I know it sounds intimidating but just get over it an drill'em out)

Some folks may debate the need to change the pilot jet but it has a very tiny opening and spends its life in fuel at the bottom of the float chamber,, a large grain of sand is big enough to block it and digging at it with wire will surely damage it. It's too cheap and too critical to second guess
(Remember the size needed is specific to the year of the bike)

I have found the OEM parts the nicest to work with and I think they provide the most trouble free and best quality results but you are able to buy a couple of the $20 something kits which are far from complete and supplement with Yamaha parts .

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