XV500 pilot jet adjustment 

Description How to get rid of lean stumble/bucking in that on/off throttle position escpecially when cold
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The Pilot jet's on the XV500 with MIKUNI carbs is very easy to adjust/MALadjust. On the Right side (when on the bike) on either side of the triangle chrome cover are the pilot jet adjustment screws down a long hole right next to the rubber manifold leading to each cylinder. Mine had no plugs and I don't know if the factory ever installed plugs on this model. You can be sure if it's the only adjustment screw just before the manifold.

IF you suspect lean lo-speed (Choke will clear it up somewhat) turn each screw 1/4 turn counter clockwise to richen and ride bike. If needed try another 1/4 turn out. I needed 3/4 turn to get my bike to run smoothly after a minute or 2 warmup with no fouling of the plugs during lo-speed driving (school zones ect).

If you can live with longer warmups it's okay to have a bit of stumble/surging when cold and choke is OFF as it will clear up when warm.

It helps to hacksaw a linecut on the end of the screwdriver to easily see 1/4 turn.

Hope this helps you. Remember how many turns you do so you can put it back to where it was if you need to. This basic info works for all constant velocity carbs if you can locate your pilot screw.

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