Manual Petcocks for the Virago 

Description Aternatives to vacuum petcocks
Author Jake Date Mon Jan 25, 2010 6:55 pm Type KB Modification

The mounting holes on a Virago petcock are 34mm center to center.

Manual petcocks known to fit Virago are:

Pit bike petcocks that fit Honda CRF-50, XR-50, SDG, BBR, SSR, Roketa, Thumpstar, Xtreme, Red Baron, CHP, Piranha. A search on Ebay using the search words "pit bike petcock" will bring up numerous hits, and as of this article can be bought for as low as $8.95.

There are at least threes OEM petcocks from Yamaha that have the same 34mm spacing between bolts. The models are varied and I will not include a complete list, but it ranges from the 1984 YAMAHAHAULER three wheeler to 2004 WARRIOR ATV and other ATVs, and 1998 to 2004 XVS650.

Part number known to fit: 21V-24500-10-00
Yamaha Part Number Variations:
21V 24500 10 00
21V24 5001000
21V245 001000
21 V2450 01000
21V2 4500 1000
21V 245 001 000
21 V2 45 00 10 00

Petcocks for 2005 to 2008 XVS650, WOLVERINE and RAPTOR ATVs.

Part number known to fit: 21V-24500-11-00

Yamaha Part Number Variations:
21V 24500 11 00
21V24 5001100
21V245 001100
21 V2450 01100
21V2 4500 1100
21V 245 001 100
21 V2 45 00 11 00

Petcocks for XVS1100 are chrome, to XVZ1300 and XV1600.

Part number believed to fit: 4WM-24500-00-00

Yamaha Part Number Variations:
4WM 24500 00 00
4WM24 5000000
4WM245 000000
4W M2450 00000
4WM2 4500 0000
4WM 245 000 000
4W M2 45 00 00 00

The preceding information was based on personal knowledge of the Pit Bike petcock and research conducted, to determine the XVS650 petcock has the same mounting bolt configuration. A cross reference of part numbers from provided the addition of other model and part numbers.

The XVS1100 petcock is known to be the same mounting bolt configuration as the XVS650. That information was gleaned from an XVS1100 forum as mod for the XVS650. Once again, I used for a cross reference of model numbers.

The information given here is to be used at your own risk and is believed by me to be accurate. You are ultimately responsible for making certain that the part numbers given will fit your bike.

A word of caution to 1st Gen. 920 owners. You may have to add a 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch spacer between the manual petcock and the gas tank to make it fit properly.

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Article Name: Manual Petcocks for the Virago
Author: Jake
Description: Aternatives to vacuum petcocks

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