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#1:  Has lights-wont start. or Dont overlook the obvious.(SOLVED) Author: mark75 Post Posted: Mon Sep 06, 2010 1:54 pm

I am going to blame the pain-meds, but it's no excuse.
I haven't ridden in almost a month because of back problems, but after treatment, I was feeling better and thought a short ride would be good therapy.

Went to the garage, whipped the cover off of "Frankie" and backed her out onto the driveway.
Turned the key, good neutral light, hit the button,,,zilch. No pump, headlight out with each button push.
I thought,"CRAP, blasted battery!" So pushed her back inside because I didn't want to ruin the first pain-free-day in a while by bending over a stubborn bike.

Later, that night, I was in the garage again and thought I would put the charger on, but meter showed 12.65v, 12.3 when I pushed the button.
"WTF???" Knew it couldn't be side-stand switch (it's been in the land-fill for a long time)
She rolled freely with good neutral light, eliminating that "safety".
Maybe clutch switch?
Pulled the lever and as I was about to hit the start button again, I happened to look just above it.

Kill switch -- ON not RUN. doh

Dunno how it happened because I almost never use it.
Maybe while pulling the cover off? or maybe a "playful" friend. spank

I was disappointed that I missed a good day of riding, but decided it might have been my guardian angel saving me from myself.

Moral of the story:
Stay focused, don't ride unless you are,

and check the obvious if she doesn't start.

and Yes, she cranked right up then.

#2:   Author: Roger Ramjet Post Posted: Mon Sep 06, 2010 2:01 pm

That is how I bought my current 920 , Don't feel to bad the guy I got it from had it for almost 3 years and could never get it to start , to the point he replaced the Battery , starter and solinoid . He had absoulutly no idea the kill switch was in the kill position , until I looked at it , clicked the switch to run and it almost started right away . Luckily for me he stuck with the 350 price tag . But is probably still shaking his head over it . It was the first Yamaha he ever owned . General Help Has lights-wont start. or Dont overlook the obvious.(SOLVED)

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