XV1000 Disabling the Mixture Control Valve & Air Cut Valve by Rod Hegerle 

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XV1000 Disabling the Mixture Control Valve & Air Cut Valve
ZBy: Rod Hegerle

1984 XV1000L Virago with 30,000 miles

I had the usual assortment of problems - poor idling, lack of throttle response, firing only on the back cylinder,
backfiring on deceleration. I did my research on the web and most of the advice pointed to the removal of the
mixture control valve. One of my co-workers had removed the entire left hand 'bug eye' from his Virago without
issue, so I figured it was time.

My mod went as follows:
-Vacuum Sensing Hose 1 (#23)
-Vacuum Sensing Hose 4 (#15)
-Vacuum Sensing Hose 5 (#26)
-Air Hose (#9)
>capped with rubber vacuum caps
-Carburetor Joint 2 (#2, from #9)
-Mixture Control Valve (#20, from #9 & #23)
-Carburetor Joint (#12, from #15)
-Air Cut Valve (#23, from #26)
>plugged with 7/16" ball bearing
-Bend Hose 4 (#29)
-Bend Hose 5 (#30)



My modification retained the vacuum connection to the Pressure Sensor. I left the bug eye, the pipes after the air cut
valve and mixture control valve in place. (I like the symetry and extra chrome of having both bug eyes on the bike.)
The only thing removed from the bike were the vacuum lines, a tee and some clamps. Without a close inspection, the
bike appears untouched.

The bike now runs the smoothest that it has in my two and half seasons in the saddle. No backfiring, good throttle
response, easy starts and a nice idle.


From: Rod Hegerle <rhegerle@yahoo.com>

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