Cycom Faded? Add some polarized screen. 

Description Refreshing the readout on the cycom
Author funkamongus Date Sun Sep 20, 2009 11:58 am Type KB Fix
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(not really a replacement as you cant remove the old stuff)

Remove Speedo Wire, let hang.
Undo the (2) 10mm nuts at the bottom of the cycom. Lock washer, Large washer, Rubber washer.
Undo the Handlebars and let hang to each side.
Remove the 2 cover plates
Lift the cycom up, being very careful not to over-stress the wire bundles
Remove the (3) 8mm covered nuts, washers, and rubber grommets.
Separate the back, remove the rubber seal/spacer
Again being careful with the wires, rotate the back underneath, this exposes the 10 phillips screws holding her together. Remove.
Now you can remove the front, carefully, its still plugged in.
The screen will slide out, with 4 connections in the back.
I got a small precision standard screwdriver to hold the flap back to release the lock and slid out the connections.
The LARGE connector is tough, wedge the small screwdriver in, careful not to break it, and pull.
Now you have the LCD in your hand. Clean it with windex.
Cut a piece of material big enough for each screen, (one large section, and one for the gauge section)
Roller or squeegy the material (on adhesive side,, like someone has to tell you toes go in first on your
I used my fingers with good results. (easier to remove the front protective layer of the small one before installation. remove both layers, again with the toes.)
The screen only works in one direction. horizontally. Your screen will now be visible albeit just a tad bit darker.
Reverse steps. Smile and enjoy.

I bought the Polarized screen:
PFSC-AG/HC (matte, antiglare, hard coat

120 Shady Trail St.
Hollywood Park, TX 78232


For 24 plus shipping.

Tools needed, in order,
Pliers for Speedo cable removal
#2 Phillips to remove steering head cover
#5 and #6 Allen wrench for handlebars
10mm wrench for Cycom holder bolts
8mm wrench for back of Cycom
Small phillips head screwdriver with good tip.
Precision Standard head, screwdriver

It took about 45 minutes start to finish.

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