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#1: Beark ! Compression Test at Altitude Author: TrekNut Post Posted: Thu Aug 31, 2006 7:41 pm

Hey all!
I've been getting an '81 XV750 road worthy that had seen a ton of storage
until I bought it a few weeks ago. The other day I did a compression test
and almost seized! #1 was 118psi and #2 was at 120psi. My "great deal"
on a bike with only 15,000 miles on it was starting to look sour. Gee I was really looking forward to telling the wife I'll be spending bucks on a top end job. doh

Anyways, after looking at the manual for the fifth time I finally got around to the fine print ... "at sea level"!!! I'm in Santa Fe, NM at 7000'!!!

I did some searching on the web and found a "Tech to Tech" page by Brian Manley in Colorado which listed the conversion factors. I've found so much useful info on this forum and now I can give a little back! The following are the conversion factors you need to get your compression reading accurate to a sea level reference, wherever you are. Find out your elevation, (to the nearest 1000') and multiply your gauge reading by the corresponding conversion factor and voila! heart attack.(hopefully)

Elevation Multiply by:
1000' ----- 1.029
2000' ----- 1.060
3000' ----- 1.093
4000' ----- 1.126
5000' ----- 1.160
6000' ----- 1.196
7000' - ---- 1.233
8000' ----- 1.272

Hope this is usefull for at least some of y'all...

p.s. I know someone is going to reply to this saying they live a 12000'
and to them I say "compression is the least of your problems you oxygen-starved hermit" naughty Tech Articles Compression Test at Altitude

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