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#1:  Clutch Replacement Author: mark75 Post Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 5:36 am

Has your clutch been slipping or grabbing? Don't panic, and you don't have leave your bike at the dealer for a week (or more). Change the plates yourself. You only need a few basic tools and the necessary parts.
Most of us don't give the clutch much thought until it starts to go wonky, grabbing or slipping. The usual problem is the clutch plates, and maybe the springs, both are an easy switch out. The whole thing can be done in just an hour or two.
I did this on my '86-700, but it would be pretty much the same for most all motorcycles, but particularly the Yamaha V-twins.

1. Get your stuff together. Tools, parts, oil and filter.

10mm, 14mm, 17mm sockets, ratchet, &/or wrenches(spanners), I prefer open/box combination.
5mm allen wrench,
torque wrench,
large plain screwdriver,
paint scrapper, or similar device to remove old gasket material.

clutch plates - fiber ~$80,
- steel ~$35,
springs(6) - ~$18,
new gasket - ~$12,
3 quarts oil,
oil filter,
clean rags,
Yamabond, or equivalent (because I hate leaks and take no chances)

As long as you're going into your bike, you might as well make the best of it and replace all the clutch pieces. If $$ are really tight, you can probably get by with just the fiber plates, but the springs are the least expensive part so do them, too. Fiber plates and springs are most subject to wear.

2. On center stand, Drain the oil.

3. Remove: Engine guards/crash bars(if equipped).

4. Unhook rear brake light spring.

5. remove the rear brake pedal (take note of alignment marks on pedal & spindle to simplify replacement)

6. remove right foot peg bracket.

7. with 5mm allen wrench loosen clutch cover bolts(in crisscross pattern)
To help keep up with them, draw an outline of the cover on a piece of cardboard and stick each one in the corresponding spot on the cardboard from where they came.

8. remove the oil filter cover, and to the side of it, at the juncture of clutch cover and the case you will see the notch (see pic, the yellow arrow).
This is where you can delicately pry the cases apart. Careful! the cases are soft.

9. You're in.

10. using a 10mm socket remove the 6 pressure plate bolts and springs.
Take note of any alignment marks that may need to be matched for reassembly, or you can make your own with a marker.

11. When you remove the pressure plate(the top plate) you will notice the throw-out bearings on the center shaft. Be careful when you remove the PP as these may stick to the back of the plate and fall out, so place a rag underneath to catch them, in case.

12. Remove the clutch plates, and stack them in the exact order as they came out. Incorrect stacking can cause premature clutch failure.
Note: the clutch fiber plates have alignment notches, a single notch on one "tab" edge and 3 on the opposite side "tab"(see pic).

13. pre-soak your new fiber plates in oil.

14. reassemble clutch pack(usually the first and last are fiber plates)
you will notice the metal plates are stamped steel, and one side has an edge and the other is rounded somewhat. There is debate on whether the edge should face in or out. Either way, they have to all face the same way or excessive hub wear will result.

15. Put the pressure plate over the clutch pack and install the springs, tighten in a crisscross pattern and torque to 5.8 ft/lbs

16. make sure all the old gasket is removed, apply gasket sealer, following mfg instructions. It should hold gasket in position along with the dowel pins in case.

17. reinstall cover and tighten bolt in crisscross pattern, and torque to 5.8 ft/lbs.

18. reassemble in reverse order, adjust clutch as outlined in your manual, add oil, and your done.

for a little more in depth article, see

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#2:  Re: Clutch Replacement Author: yamaguzzi Post Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 6:48 am

way to go mark, thanks for the trouble of explaining the process. saves a lot of money.

#3:   Author: ante705 Post Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 10:25 pm

is the clutch for a 85 700, the same as a 86 700? my clutch is worn, and i can get a used 85 clutch and basket assy. cheap. anyone know if it will fit? its alot cheaper to get me by until i can afford to buy new parts to replace it.

#4:   Author: mark75 Post Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 11:09 pm

'85 & '86 700s have same part #s, so they are the same.
Sure, a used one will get you by. Hopefully it will be in better shape than the the one it replaces.
If you search the parts places you can probably find new fiber plates for about the price of a used clutch, that's probably all you will need for a better fix(and a new gasket).

#5:   Author: ante705 Post Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 11:16 pm

good to know, i also bought an 84 700 motor in case i have to replace my motor. by chance do you know if an 84 is also compatable?

#6:   Author: mark75 Post Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 11:34 pm

yep, looks like '84-'86 all have same #s.

#7:   Author: ante705 Post Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 11:43 pm

great!! thanks!! man you guys are great! you always have the answers!! General Help Clutch Replacement

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