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"it's the story of my front
cylinder fouling spark plugs as fast as i could put
'em in. Turns out it was the pet cock, or petcock as
it were. The manifold vacuum line was sucking in fuel
straight from the petcock! What led me to it was the
hardened vacuum hose. Luckily i ordered that Kawasaki
diaphram kit for $13.00(thanks guys!) and i'm back on
the road. Now all i need is some decent weather....


Kawasaki part #43028-1021

will fix the Virago petcocks

Finding gas in your oil or all over the floor is this litte suckers problem.

Posted: Fri Sep 14, 2007 10:57 pm   Post subject:  Re: Leaky Petcocks       

From my research the following bikes use the same kit.

XV700 Virago '84-'87
XV750 Virago '81-'83
XV920 Virago/Seca '81-'83
XJ400/550 Maxim/Seca
XZ550 Vision 82
XJ550 '81-'83 (Seca and Maxim)
XJ650 Maxim/Seca
XJ750 Seca

KZ440 A,B,D,G '80-'83
KZ550 A/C '80-'83
KZ550 GPZ '81
ZL600 Eliminator
KZ650 CSR '81
KZ750K,M (Twin) '82-'84