Anyone have a cheaper alternative to replace the starter brushes for the
starter on a 82 920 virago, other than paying over fourty dollars by the time
you pay shipping and handling. Yamaha and bike bandit about the same price.
Any help or advice on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Allen

Hi Allen: Here is something I got from Sean, in Texas - perhaps it will
Any idea anyone about the problem he describes?

Hiya Gust,

Here is what I hope is a happy ending to a sad story,...that starter, I
decided to take it apart before I spent $200.00 on a new one. When I opened
it carbon spilled everywhere. After cleaning it all out, I got a good look
at why it didn't work. The metal brushes that generated electricity were
trashed. So I went to Home Depot and got some thick bare solid copper wire.
I chopped off 4 pieces and soldered the wires on the new pieces and put it
all back together and BAM! I have my bike back. Cool isn't it. Question...
Is there any reason why my bike would start to lose power when I reach 6000
rpms...the bike gets all throaty sounding. Just curious.

 i buy a set of brushes for a Goldwing  1100  -1980
 the honda part   # 31201-292-158
  i pay $13.00 for a set of 2
  the yamaha part is $19.00 each !!!!!!
 it is the same part number punch on the brush..... (mitsuba number)

 you can change the 2  spring  brush    # 31204-292-158       $2 each
you cannot order only the spring from yamaha part t it sell the plate with the
spring at $56.00

 920j   cycom 82

I bought some cheap brushes (they are made of carbon) from an auto starter
rebuilder for a few bucks.  They were slightly too big, but the carbon
files easily.