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The only thing missing in the pics are the lower parts but they come with it.
You can see the fairing comes with gauge holes and someone cut one of the luggage covers for a radio.
I did a little artwork for the after pic just to get an idea.
 I already had the idea of putting triple gauges on my bike but now its much easier.
Local discount store had some for 10 bucks, nice chrome ones. The voltmeter is a simple hook up;
the oil pressure is also easy. I will just tap a hole and put a small nipple into the top of
one of the oil bolts for the pressure gauge. And I am going to try and use the water temp probe
as an oil drain plug and just monitor oil temp.

I will put a radio in it but I don’t like it being exposed like that even if it was a marine radio.
And I want a cd player so I will have to find a new cover and hide the radio inside ill just get one with a remote.

I would have never thought of getting a fairing until I saw
“Gust Jenson http://home.thirdage.com/Retirement/gruby/hackrefurbished.html
bike and what the factory Yamaha fairings looked like.
No other fairing out there even looks half as good as these. Thanks Gust.
I really liked the fairing Gust has but I like the one I found even more.
Just cause it seams like it will cut the air better with the enclosed headlight. Inside the red/orange stripe
I will paint that area to match the tank color and re do the stripes in gray.

Well I no have the fairing installed on my bike. It looks so nice and was easy once I got some directions.
Thanks again Gust.
But with my front-end drop I can not use the lower fairing pieces cause my feet are too big,
I would be kicking them all the time. I got the gauges installed but not hooked up, they do look nice in there.
I got more work to do but it is installed and looking good.

My web cam can not take a pic that will do justice so when I can borrow my friends digital camera
I will get pics of it installed posted.


I have some temp web cam pics here.
http://www.Gumby / MJS.com/temp/temp.html


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