1982 XV920J
Terry Herr
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updated aug4, 07


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This is a 1982 XV920J. It features a custom seat, saddleman ABS saddlebags, slipstream spitfire
windscreen, Jardine tappered slipons and a lockhart oil cooler.

Some of your members might be interested in how to mount a windscreen to those square handlebars.
The oil cooler is a lockhart model 500 with stainless steel braided hoses and a modified oil filter cover.

Terry Herr

Now you know i hit him up for the oil filter info.

"Matthew:  You can see from the pictures where to drill the oil
filter cover.  The Center hole will be the high pressure out to
the cooler.  the upper hole returns the oil to the original oil
flow hole in the cover.  The upper hole must be drilled
perfectly or you risk ruining the cover.  I went to a junk yard
and bought an extra cover to practice on.  The upper hole must
intersect with the existing oil flow hole in the cover.  Use a
11/32 in. bit for the holes and tap them with a 1/8-27 pipe tap.
 I always drill a pilot hole first.  Don't tap to deep about 2
turns by hand with the fittings.

If you left the cover as it is now you would have two high
pressure holes.  You must divert the oil out the bottom hole and
return it to the top hole where it goes to the cams.  I did this
by taking a piece of 1" aluminum tubing that I got at a marina.
The garbage pale is usually full of it.  Its pretty standard
tubing used to build the framing for boat tops.  Your oil filter
must fit the inside of the tubing.  The center of the back of
the filter cover is tapered so I sanded down a piece of the
aluminum tubing so it would go inside the hole in the back and
leave about 1/4" high.  I then heated up the cover with a torch
and put my aluminum sleeve in ice water.  When the cover is good
and hot I used a big hammer and press the sleeve into place.
This essentially plugs the original oil flow hole and routes the
oil out the center hole through the cooler and back to the
original oil flow hole and up to the cams.

Hope this helps