Hi. I sent pics of this bike awhile back and just a few more pics.
Got it under primer finaly. I think i'm painting it a bright silver pearl.
Ted Klatt

Just a quick email to show what i've done to my girlfriends 87 535 with 6000 original k/m. [approx 3500 mi.] In her second year
of riding and stepping up from a 250 xv.and with the custom bike craze goin on, we decided to really 'cruiser' it. Fender are
modified generic trailer fenders,tank is  modified early truimph , hand made side panels,bullet h/lite, cruiser style bars,seat is a
mock up of cardboard and duct tape, lowered 2 in in rear to fit her 5 ft. frame. I will be buiding another set of fenders for that
'drager' look later on. Probably the only bike with.'outfits' LOL..Cost overall in mods are under 500 bucks.On a budget
here. Just a few pics sent. If you like more and interested in this style of bike feel free to contact me.