1982 Yamaha Virago 750
[Bought 05/29/2001  5,769 actual miles]

Slash cut Jardine's
Dual air cleaners
Dual front disc brake mod off an 83 750 midnight maxim.
Yamaha Factory Fairing. [is here]


Handlebars are off a 86 Honda rebel 250 limited.
I swapped the bars around on both bikes and it was a perfect fit.
Both bikes felt better
but I was really only concerned about the virago.
This is a must have swap for any 81-83 virago,
trust me or double your money back.[minus a $999.99 handling fee]
once you set the new bars on there it is a whole new world
of comfort and a better [safer] steering feel.

[Before pics with the original front end.]
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air cleaners


Air cleanerís info:

 Basically, I just turned the carb rubbers out, and used some seal
 all on the carb rubbers where they clamp onto the carb. Just a temp glue job to make
 sure they didn't come off, or leak, I also used the stock clamps and they worked fine.
 On the other end I use silicone, I just spread a bit around to seal it tight.
I then slid the air cleaners onto the rubbers as far as I could.
The rubbers fit inside of the air cleaners just right..

The air cleaners I used are from the auto parts store.
 Those chrome air cleaners for 1-2 barrel carbs for cars or trucks
(Now bikes). The chrome ones with the filter showing in
 middle. they got the nice twist thumbscrew on top so you can replace the filters.
Iím sure I could get some k&n filters in that size but for now the stock element is cool.

 Now you might end up trimming a bit off right rubber so that it doesn't touch
your leg. On mine it just touches my leg when Iím riding in a comfy position, but not
 enough where I can feel it. But you could do without
 cutting any off. So at any time you could pry them of,
and hook them back up to the frame, but why would anyone.


click here too see the rest of the front end mod pics.

Pics here show my shorty turn signals.
 The front and rear fender mod.
My tank bag, also my cig lighter.

click here for the pics.