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All I know about this bike is what you see below. It was found on ebay.


Vehicle Description
Virago 920 1982 hand stitched black leather seat,petrol tank,front fender and front fairing from ducati paso.,electrics in working conditions,disc brake fitted to rear wheel,ducati cans,gear shifter from a suzuki,as you can see the shifter and brake pedals has been pushed back,front brakes from a virago 1100,handle bars are ducati paso,I have a set of fiber glass rear fairings if you want them need to be fitted and painted., I like the bike with out it.,Same basic virago back bone , only change has been the sitting position more higher so you lean more forwards in a very confortable riding position.,the petrol tank and the front fairing just drop in no problem and no major modification to the bike., it looks like a wild cafe racer., I took her to Laguna Seca to the races this year and drove the three days back and forth from Half Moon Bay no problem keeping up with my friends on there ducatis. I'm moving to a place with no space for my bike so you get all my goodies .,Like one complete motor in great condition with starter and carbs! ., A second motor that is open nothing wrong with it but one cylinder has a bit of rust that needs to be honed out and is complete.,I have heaps of miscelanious stuff like huge box of electrics,coils,relays wire lumbs,meters+3,another box of plastics with this and that,fork tubes,box full of tail lights and front lights all these are parts for the virago only.,3 front tires and wheels with there rotors,2 rear wheels and tires and heaps of rear brakes essembles,some crome swimg arms,flywheels,parts,parts,parts.... many small parts,swimg arm baring and bolt assembly,nuts and bolts,this and more,the bike will be sold as is.It is going is registered and licensed.
Has a salvage title which means nothing.... all the parts are used and need cleaning ok!
Notice the stock rear end and rim but where did that disc brake come from???

Quick emial from the owner about the rear brake.

I'  steel have the bike the guy never show up ,.
so if some one is interested it is for sell!.....the rear brake is so easy to do., I' use two rotors from the
virago back to back got it!....well I' went to a garage and convince the owner to let me use is disck brake lathe rectifier...really
any lathe will do .,best is to take it to a machinist it is very simple job., You have to take your wheel too, so he can reduce the
rotor to the diameter of the brake drum!...ones is a tigth fit there you have it the next thing is to tack weld it in place., And the
way to do this is.......to place the wheel back on the bike .,well is how I' did it ! any way....first I' press out the steel bush in the
brake cover to keep the same spacing.....got it!....ok....I' fit the wheel with the rotor reversed note that the rotor is going to be
the base for the disck brake ....best is to weld the monting bolts before you weld the reverse rotor.,now the rotor is a tigth fit
on the drum brake., I' use the swingarm to help to make sure the rotor is strait .,I'place a pointer of some sort in top of the
swingarm wit a magnet to keep it on place then I' turn the wheel to check it is strait ...you know ! the rotor is a the edge of the
drum rigth? ok!!....and is reversed ok!...the pointer is placed close is toching the rotor wen you turn the wheel 180" so you
work opossite making sure it is perfect  and then you start tack welding  always working on opossite sides...then you weld
about and inch on each tack weld I' did 8 weld total., take the wheel out and place the rotor on the all ready weld bolts ., the
bolts are welded on the back of the base rotor of course! now you setting the rotor that will be you brake rigth!...put the wheel
back with you new disck brake great now you need to put on the caliper...Again I' use a virago one but I' think best to find a
rear caliper from anoter bike.because there are smallers.,it is very easy to make a bracket for any caliper because is no
adjustment of chain on the virago place you calliper on the rotor and make a bracket that will be soported by the swingarm
.,...I'm sure you can figure  out the rest., like the location of the master, try to find a cali[per with is own master and maybe with
is own pedal that will be best ...good luck , and wow!!! this is a lot of palabra,. I' hope you understand my mumble
jumbo....cheers to all. JZVBIKE.

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